What is Veo live-streaming and instant access?

There’s nothing like watching football live. Get all the excitement of watching your favourite team play – in real-time!

Capture every step on the way as your favourite teams and players pursue their dreams and never miss a moment. Live-stream your football matches to friends, fans and family who can’t be there in person.

How does it work?

Veo’s live-streaming is easy to set up. To stream live, you need to connect the camera to the internet, and you can do this in various ways, depending on your preference.


You can connect via 4G/LTE. In the Veo Cam 2, you have the option of inserting a sim card with a data plan. It’s just like you know from tablets.


With Veo Cam 2, you can stream through a Wi-Fi connection. So if you have Wi-Fi on your playing field, you can connect and start streaming. Alternatively, you can set up a hotspot on your mobile phone and use the data you have on your phone subscription.


If you have access to a wired internet connection, you can run a cable directly into your Veo Cam 2 and stream live. Connect Veo Cam 2 to the internet through the USB-C port via an ethernet cable.

Streaming in 720p video quality requires a 4Mbps connection. To stream in Full HD, you need an 8Mbps connection.

When the internet connection is established, you can control it all on the Veo Camera app.

Veo Live

Friends, fans and family can watch your matches live in the new Veo Live app. The Veo apps are available on iOS and Android.

Instant access

You can now access the live-stream of your match immediately after the match on the Veo Live app. This means you can start rewatching and analysing on the bus on the way home or the coach’s office right after the match.