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Veo Cam
Veo Cam
Veo Cam
Veo Cam

Veo Cam

7.999 kr.
Start recording all matches without a cameraman, and unleash your teams potential. 

With every camera:

 Unlimited uploads
Unlimited members
Every core feature in Veo 

Choose your tripod

Which tripod should I get?
No tripod  
Manfrotto/Veo 3.8 meter 1.499 kr.
Manfrotto/Veo 7.3 meter 2.999 kr.
Manfrotto/Veo 3.6 meter (Indoor) 799 kr.
Manfrotto/Veo Stadium Mount 1.099 kr.
No stadium mount  
Magic Arm 0 kr.
Manfrotto/Tilt-able Camera Mount 399 kr.
Choose your sports Why select sports?
To help quickly process your videos select only the sports you want to record. Multiple sports requires the Elite+ package.
American Football
Bill monthly Billed yearly - save 16%
Basic 219 kr./mo

 1 team per subscription. If you want to use Veo for more teams, you have to buy additional subscriptions.

Video processing time: Within 48 hours.

Elite 399 kr./mo

 Unlimited teams. Use Veo for all teams at your club.

 Video processing time: Within 24 hours.

Team 239 kr./mo
Basic Save 16% - 2.199 kr./year

 1 team per subscription. If you want to use Veo for more teams, you have to buy additional subscriptions.

Video processing time: Within 48 hours.

Elite Save 16% - 3.999 kr./year

 Unlimited teams. Use Veo for all teams at your club. 

 Video processing time: Within 24 hours.

Elite+ Save 17% - 5.999 kr./year

 Unlimited teams. Use Veo for all teams at your club. 

Football video processing time: Within 8 hours. All other sports within 24 hours.

All coming features included: Player Profiles and User Directed Highlights.

Enterprise Contact us

 Subscription plan for schools, tournaments, media broadcasters. 

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Recording and Uploading

Watch 180 degree recordings from every possible direction

✓ Unlimited

✓ Unlimited 

✓ Unlimited 

Interactive Video Player

Automatic video production that follows the ball

AI Follow Cam

Automatic video production that follows the ball

Highlight Editor

Create your own highlights and tag players

Team Management

Invite your players and coaches to join your team

Video Processing Time

Our AI technology processing your video. 

✓ Within 48 hours

✓ Within 24 hours

✓ Within 8 hours


Export your video. 

✓ Match Highlights

✓ Highlights and full match

✓ Highlights and full match

Draw on-screen

Illustrate the feedback for your players with simple shapes, lines and arrows on the screen.

Privacy Settings

Make the match public or hide it.  

Subscription plan info

The subscription to our software and online platform provides the rendering, processing, detecting and storing of the recording as well as access to the features. 

Your recording is automatically, processed and stored for you on your online platform where, depending on the plan, you will have access to the features.

We offer two tiers of subscription

  • Basic Subscription
  • Elite Subscription
  • Elite+ Subscription

*we do require min. 1 subscription per camera and per team.

*Monthly billed subscription can be terminated with a 3 months termination notice.

Which tripod should you choose?

Our tripods are a portable solution that guarantees optimal setup at all locations, providing stability and a professional overview of the pitch. Purchasing a tripod with your Veo is not mandatory. However, we have tested and highly recommend these solutions.

Manfrotto/Veo 3.8 meter

Recommended for easy setup and good overview. We recommend this tripod for the majority of users.

Weight: 11kg

Extended: 380 cm x 90 cm x 75 cm

Transportation: 170 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm


Manfrotto/Veo 7.3 meter

Superior overview. Wind stabilizing strings and sandbags are included and should be deployed in all conditions. We don’t recommend fully extending the 7.3 metres tripod in windy conditions.

Weight: 11kg

Extended: 730 cm x 150 cm x 130 cm

Transportation: 175 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm


Manfrotto/Veo 3.6 meter (Indoor)

Good overview, easy setup and lightweight. With its low weight, this tripod is for indoor use only.

Weight: 4kg

Extended: 366 cm x 90 cm x 75 cm

Transportation: 107 cm x 5 cm x 10 cm


Manfrotto/Veo Stadium Mount

If a mounting solution is available. The stadium mount enables you to deploy the camera in stadiums – indoors or outdoors.

Weight: 5kg

Extended: 40 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm

Transportation: 20 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm

      Stadium mount

      The Stadium mount is our most portable solution. Attach to a light post, camera stand or tall fence fixed along the sideline. 

      Ideal for teams or clubs that travel but it does require a fixed feature at the side of the pitch to mount the camera.

      Setup process:

      • Attach camera nearest the centre line
      • Min: 3 meters elevation, around equal distance from the pitch
      • Attach camera and ensure entire field is visible through preview


      • Size: Stretched (40cm) Compact (23x14x4.5cm)
      • Weight: 1kg
      • Grip range: 6cm

      Unlimited access to the Veo platform

      Veo’s platform is where you can rewatch your games, analyse your tactics and share highlights with your team.

      All Veo’s features are included in all subscriptions.

      Learn more about the platform.

      Choose your sports

      With Veo, you can record several different sports.

      However, it depends on the chosen subscription how many sports you can set up your system for. 

      Consider each sport as an umbrella for the sport. E.g. if you choose “Hockey”, you can use your Veo for ice hockey, field hockey, hurling, bandy, etc. 

      In doubt? Don’t hesitate to call us!